Thurman & Associates specializes in doing strategic analysis of needs, strategic planning, reengineering based on technology, developing and managing a very Bank specific Request for Proposal (RFP) or Information(RFI) when changing core processing or implementing any other major technology segment, selecting viable options for technology systems, integrating diverse systems into a cohesive operation that furthers the goals of the Banks, negotiating contracts to get the most favorable terms and conditions for the Bank, implementing the selected solutions, and functioning as many banks Chief Information Systems Officer on a contract basis.

They have extensive experience in the banking, thrift and credit union segments of the industry. With this background, they have been able to assist many banks in installing such leading edge technology as client server applications, imaging systems, electronic work flow, wide area networks, item processing, and P/C based branch automation systems For the thrift industry they have implemented both traditional thrift systems as well as "bank like" operations that are specifically modified for a thrift charter For credit unions they have installed both in-house and service bureau systems along with many of the new product offerings that allow electronic access by members.

We are one of the West Coast's leading technology consultants for the financial industry. Our specialty is strategic consultation (40% of our business); we are also very involved with tactical consultation (30%) and implementation (30%). In addition, Jerry Thurman has served as the CIO for multiple banks and has chaired numerous IT steering committees.

Under strategic consultation we

  • do FOCUS sessions to set strategic goals
  • establish current level of technology by department
  • assist in developing a technology mission statement that supports the Banks' strategic goals
  • assist in establishing hardware and software standards
  • do needs analysis by department
  • do full Bank Wide needs analysis of core and ancillary systems
  • develop and administer client specific Request for Proposals
  • review options and vendors with the Bank
  • assist in the evaluation and selection process
  • negotiate favorable contracts for the Bank
Under tactical consultation we
  • provide internal IT audits
  • assist in the production of Policy and Procedures for the IT function
  • assist in assuring compliance during external IT audits
  • assist in the selection and implementation of single solutions such as teller automation, optical systems, cash management, home banking, or internet.
  • view staff requirements based on new technology.
  • analyze existing project plans and budgets for completeness, risk, and competitive pricing.
  • optimize the effectiveness and use of specific products such as imaging or cash management.
Under Conversions & Implementation we
  • establish current level of technology by department
  • managed the complete information system departments for multiple Banks
  • installed Wide Area Networks and new core processing systems as project manager
  • implemented "turn key" applications when a bank was on a critical time line or had shortage of internal resources
  • were engaged to install new technology and systems for the opening or acquisition of additional branch offices


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